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About Our Company

Our Community Association Managers are Licensed Professionals

The management of day-to-day operations for community associations has become a specialized field.

Managers sole focus is the maintenance and administration of your common-interest realty development. Our Managers are here to help you meet the individualized needs of your community and evaluate the specific requirements of each Association.

Our Process

1. Each Association is carefully evaluated and a program specifically tailored for either accounting only or full-service management. Our Programs are reviewed and adjusted as necessary to keep pace with changing State & Federal laws and the ever-changing desires of the community members being served.

2. We then start to develop a management plan with an eye towards the priorities for the community; this is with community member input and Board direction.

3. Simultaneously, we are educating the Board of Directors if required. How to hold professional meetings, how to leverage the communities free web site and keep in touch with the community.

4. We start to build a sense of community using committees and on-line forums, empowering and encouraging community members to participate in their association in every way possible.

5. Staff professionals and support personnel with the education, experience, and expertise to handle a wide range of problems, projects, and solutions execute this whole process.







The Bowen Property Centre Advantage

Competitive pricing gives you and your Association, more management value per dollar. By combining flexible, personalized service with advanced technological support, we give you the best of both worlds.

All our association services provide a customized Association website with the following features:

· Extensive community building features, news groups and more.
· e-Business enablement, documents and forms available “on-line” 24/7
· Quarterly newsletter included via e-mail and download

How Can We Be Of Service?

We manage condo & homeowners associations in Australia. Our home page and individual association sites provide our communities with unparalleled functionality and convenience.

We are of benefit to homeowners and condominium owners as well as real estate and title service companies in the Australian area. We also provide local vendors with the opportunity to advertise free of charge, on our site so that we may build our listing of qualified vendors to serve our clients.